Tuesday, September 30, 2008

John McCain, oh dear

I can't believe what I just heard,

Sky news was just showing an interview with JM and the topic of conversation was about the current financial crisis and the proposed US government bail out of Wall St. In response to the question "polls suggest the majority of people in the country (USA) are against the bail out, are you going to implement the view of the majority of the people in the country?" JM said, no, just like the Iraq troop surge he was going to go against the majority and choose a path that he "believed" in. Hold on a second, politician says screw what the majority thinks I'm going to do what I believe in, does that sound odd to you?

I suppose this attitude is not new, I'm thinking of Tony Blair and the infamous "WMD" fiasco etc, and it might not sound so bad when we are dealing with issues where opinion is clearly divided, but it increasingly sounds to me that leading politicians are morphing into evangelicals; anything is OK so long as you truly "believe".

What is more worrying is that Mr McCain’s running mate believes that the Christian "Rapture" is imminent (within her lifetime apparently) and that this will be triggered by some kind of apocalyptic event (like an Arab-Israel war for example?) when she and her fellow "believers" will be ushered up to heaven to be reunited with dead relatives (yes she actually thinks this is a positive thing); clearly the rest of us who think this is a bunch of bronze age horse crap will burn in hell for eternity (as always)..

Ponder for a moment; these are “people” who truly “believe” this stuff and these are people who will have their fingers on the triggers of the nukes.