Wednesday, April 02, 2008

All hail, David Aaronovitch

David Aaronovich is fast becoming my hero; not only does he write articles for a main-stream publication (the Times) but he isn't afraid to expose our so called "moderate" religious leaders when they spout utter unsubstantiated crap. Having exposed the head of the Catholic church in Scotland last week regarding the current embryo research bill as being guilty of spreading ignorant scaremongering hogwash, he now turns his attention to the Bishop of Durham (here), who apparently says that "The Militant Atheists and secularists behind this bill want to kill unborn babies and dispose of surplus old people"!

Wow, now wouldn't you think that if any main-stream secularist organisation actually did say that, then there would be a total and utter media frenzy over it? Of course, it's a lie, lying for Jesus seems to be the norm for religious leaders in this country, then I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, their whole life is based on at best a delusion or most probably a lie so they surely have long since lost the ability to differentiate.

His point about religions changing their minds to suit themselves is well made, it happens all the time although trying to find a faith head who will admit it is like finding a needle in a haystack; just a few obvious examples spring to mind, slavery, women's rights, killing apostates, slaughtering unbelievers etc. it seems so obvious to Atheists, either this stuff is true or it isn't, no amount of intellectual wrangling can change the plain fact that it all looks like it's made up by men, for men to control other men.

So, come on Bishop, stop stalling and answer the question on the table, if you can't then have the guts to admit you were lying for Jesus..

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