Friday, September 22, 2017

Fox fury

Came across this on the inter-webs today; the colour of the foxes fur reminded me of the Donald and the incessant screeching reminded me of his approach to the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, although the foxes almost certainly have a better reason to be fighting each other.


Ring any (alarm) bells with anyone? (cartoon created in 1977, how did he know?)

Friday Smirk

Excellent observation (as usual) from J&M; sometimes it feels good to get things off your chest by saying what you really think, even if it's only in your own head!

Monkeys in shoes

What with the two freak-haired, blob-men screeching at each other like demented alley-cats, hurricanes and earthquakes ravaging the Caribbean and Mexico, not to mention the on-going atrocities and genocides being inflicted on the people of Syria and Iraq in the name of invisible harbingers of death, it would be easy to believe that things are going to hell in a hand-cart. But, fear not, it's just another day on planet Earth! This is exactly what you'd expect when the dominant species is only a handful of genes removed from a chimpanzee! (and it shows)

Doomsday (again)

Apparently a planet is going to crash into the Earth tomorrow! This latest doomsday prediction is brought to you by a bunch of people that believe the universe is controlled by a cabal of invisible Jewish super-humans, some good, some bad and that these avengers can induce the suspension of natural laws in order to intervene in Human affairs, but only when there's no one around to record it! So, no need to pay any attention other than to laugh and point (as usual).

Tomorrow would be terribly inconvenient for the end of the world anyway, for a start off, Berry Brothers (wine shop) have a sale on! I predict that this prediction is just one in a long history of failed predictions, it's a fairly safe bet that planet sized objects don't just creep up on us without NASA (or someone) seeing them years in advance. When I post a message on Sunday, perhaps we can all agree that non-scientific (religiously inspired) doomsday predictions are complete bollocks?

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Religion & Politics

Politicised religiosity these days seems impoverished to the point of simply trying to stop everyone else doing things that are man-made (i.e. invented) prohibitions in the tradition from where the demand comes. Typically, most of these prohibited acts have zero impact on the actual people making the demands. Fortunately, in this day and age, the majority of us can see though this complete lack of substance and integrity to the thinly veiled attempt at coercion beneath.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Good cop, bad cop?

Interesting philosophical argument made by (philosopher) Stephen Law, is the "God" (as believed in by most modern religious people) good or evil and how could you tell?

Monday, September 18, 2017

Hobby coders

I recognise this problem in a lot of young programmers these days, they will use an inferior solution just because it's more recent. Evaluating which tools and methods are best suited to solving a particular problem involves more dimensions than just version numbers in GitHub. Enlightenment lies in realizing that the people who pay for software care much more about what it looks like and what it does than how it works. At the end of the day if people aren't paying for your software then you don't have a product or a livelihood, you just have a hobby.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Love for London

I feel this is appropriate this week, in fact, any week..

Friday, September 15, 2017

Cassini requiem

We say goodbye to spacecraft Cassini today. It plunged (by design) into the atmosphere of Saturn earlier and it's faint signal was lost. Cassini was running out of fuel and rather than allowing it to randomly crash into something like a moon or rings it was decided to use the last remnants of propellant to steer it into Saturn itself, burning up in the outer layers its atmosphere. The picture above was taken from Cassini, it shows Saturn and it's rings with planet Earth highlighted as a faint dot in the background, if this doesn't make you feel totally and utterly insignificant then you're deluded. The final moments of the mission were captured in a video (see below)

It must have been a moving moment for the engineers and scientists in Pasadena who have dedicated a large chunk of their lives to this mission, but there is something deeply satisfying about uttering or hearing the words "Mission Complete", for this team it means success beyond all expectation and most importantly it means it's time for a new mission!

Handy guide for the true European..

How to order a beer in 13 different European cities! It is FRIDAY after all...

One thing

I came across this little question today...

Name one positive thing that only religion can bring to our lives...


No, all of these things can just as easily be acquired by people of any religion or none at all. 

No, the only positive thing that religion can bring to our lives is..... Atheism :)

(clearly Atheist propaganda, but still, I thought it was quite amusing in a philosophical kind of way)

Friday smirk...

A Friday smirk from the wonderful xkcd. Apple launched their next generation iPhone this week to an underwhelming response from technical people (who the hell needs face tracking emojis??)  and a lukewarm response from accountants. The assertion that this phone represents the "biggest leap forward since the original iPhone" may just as well be talking about the price as much the technology! 

They used to be cool but Apple launches have become really processional these days, far too many unwarranted and ridiculously emotional adjectives, but then again, I'm not one of the "faithful".

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Prostate concerts

Went to see Dave Gilmour strut his stuff last night at the cinema and splendid he was too! I can't fault the concert or the musicianship on show but there were a couple of aspects of showing this kind of thing at the cinema that caught my eye and (I think) are worthy of exploration.

The cinema itself was full for this showing, not an empty seat in the house, a good start you might think and with a quick gaze around the audience before the lights dimmed, I noticed that the average age must have been around 55-60 which I suppose made sense bearing in mind the sweet-spot of Pink Floyd was the 70s and early 80s. The problem with the audience demographic became apparent after a few minutes into the 2nd or 3rd song, and then every minute or so after that. Literally every sixty or so seconds the silhouette of a balding fat man waddled across the screen toward the exit and then a minute or two later would reappear crossing paths with the next one on their way out! I wouldn't want to be sexist here either, there were a quite few women in the mix too, and many of them took what seemed like eternity to crab their way through the sea of legs in their row to get to an exit, casting a similarly significant silhouette as they went.

This continual tidal migration was somewhat distracting, I began to wonder what might be causing it? Several hypothesis came to mind. I pondered the faint whiff of mulled wine and real-ale in the air and thought that perhaps many of these good people had had a few cheeky snifters before coming into the show and now needed to release the obvious tension accrued? Then I thought about prostate glands, could this be an omen for my future? Is this lack of bladder control an unavoidable attribute of getting older, an unpleasant thought. Then there was the observation that the silhouettes seemed so large (and so bald)? Was this a weird optical effect of the new 4K projection technology or simply one too many dominoes pizzas and discount haircuts for bus-pass owners?

Luckily, whatever the reasons, this seemingly constant back and forth did only slightly mar my enjoyment of the concert. I suppose that along with people continually checking their mobile phones, this demographic has habits that don't sit too well (or too long) with a 2 hour cinema show. Maybe there's a demand for some kind of new drug that makes you forget about twitter, stem the urge to pee and sit still for a couple of hours, you could even market it to the over 50s as the little blue "comfortably numb" pill.