Sunday, October 13, 2019

Southampton beer

Spent a rain and beer filled day in Southampton yesterday. Took the train from Reading and met up with some good buddies in the city centre. The boys of the group attended the above event whilst the girls did a bit of shopping. Great line up of breweries from the South including Siren and Elusive (both local to my home) and many others from around the region. The stand-outs for me were Vibrant Forest (based in the New forest) and Eight-arch (based in Wimborne, Dorset) both presented some wonderful beers, although we only had a couple of hours so weren't able to get around all the stalls. Must look out for this event next year, good venue, music, food and beer, shame about the weather but at least it was indoors!

Above is a sample from Vibrant Forest, in the modern hazy style this fruity IPA called "Leyana" stole the show for us, we started with it and finished with it, so refreshing, a super beer. Must see if I can snag a few cans from somewhere..

Friday, October 11, 2019

Anti-vaxx bonkers

Following the above tweet from an "anti-vaxxer" Twitter delivered a swift and resounding verdict.. some of the tweets bear republishing, for example...

"Have the kid adopted by a responsible adult?"
"My kids totally changed after vaccination, now they contain immunity to preventable diseases."
"Brochures from local funeral homes?"

As if I needed to say anything, there's only one thing that vaccines cause...

Mission Accomplished

For anyone in any doubt that American politicians are more concerned with their own parochial agendas than the literal survival of their supposed "allies" they need look no further than the desperately sad plight of the Kurdish people. The Kurds in N.E. Syria have put their lives and livelihoods on the line to win Syrian territory back from the evil theocracy of Islamism (aka ISIS). Following the withdrawal of American troops from the area they now have to swallow the loss of that territory, territory gained with their own blood and bravery, to superior firepower from a Turkish army who did sweet FA to remove ISIS when they were still a force to be reckoned with. As if to rub salt into this wound we have to put up with Turkey being a NATO member. Clearly the Kurdish situation is a very complex one since they don't have their own state, but if you take a high-level perspective it's clear that the USA has now let them down on at least 3 occasions in recent times, the previous two being in N.E. Iraq. We wonder who the US is going to turn to now should ISIS re-emerge from the chaos that the Turks are inflicting, a plague on both their houses I say..

Friday Smirk

"Which one" is my standard response to any question or point regarding "God", as J&M point out, precision is clearly key when talking about the attributes of entities whose attributes cannot be known.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Christians with special relationships

Interesting development in the story about the teenager killed in a road accident by the wife of a US diplomat near a US air base in Northamptonshire in August. The person involved fled the UK claiming "diplomatic immunity" and the family of the victim have since been campaigning for her to come back and face justice. Apparently notes being held by the hairpiece in chief at a recent press briefing show that the US has already decided that Anne Sacoolas (the driver in the accident) will not return to the UK, even though he said that he'd "see what could be done". So much for a "special relationship"! People close to the diplomat in the UK described them as a "Christian Family", well, I guess that they'll be whispering the correct propitiation's to their imaginary deity to absolve them of any responsibility for this event, after all, that would be the "Christian" thing to do.. (as opposed to the moral thing)

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Mid-week dad-joke

Police "kettled" an Extinction Rebellion octopus in Whitehall today, escorting it back to Trafalgar square, apparently it was heavily armed...

Climate change education..

I'm in two minds about this whole "extinction rebellion" thing. On the one hand climate change is real and if we leave it unchecked we will undoubtedly cause the deaths of millions of creatures and perhaps millions people too as nature reacts to the increase in average temperature around the globe. On the other hand what is the best way to motivate people to change their behaviour, is it the carrot or the stick? I guess the correct answer is both but it seems to me that maybe some attempt at more education might enable the pill to be swallowed a little more easily? I think we seriously need to consider how we educate children about this, remove the kid gloves (current teaching is far too timid in my view) and perhaps try a little "bottom-up" pressure on the "adults" of the world.

Monday, October 07, 2019

Turn of phrase

Doing the rounds on the inter-webs at the moment is a lovely little video of an elderly woman giving her opinion to a TV interviewer about our Prime Minister, the phrase she used was "filthy piece of tow-rag" which seems to have amused many observers. The term "tow rag" is an interesting one, it emanates from the Royal Navy where in olden days a piece of rag was attached to a rope and trailed behind the ship. The purpose of this rag was to provide sailors defecating over the side of the ship with a handy arse-wipe that could be pulled up, used, and then dropped back into the sea; where you would probably hope that its movement through the water would clean it before the next customer came along. What an interesting, economic and historic "turn of phrase"..

Monday Mirth

Care is always needed with abbreviations, always double-take..

Project fear

Questions which Brexiters struggle to answer:
  • How has EU membership harmed you personally?
  • How will Brexit benefit you personally?
  • Which EU law are you most looking forward to losing?

Questions which Remainers find it very easy to answer:
  • How has EU membership benefited you personally?
  • How will Brexit harm you personally?
  • Which EU law are you most worried about losing?

Friday, October 04, 2019


Snagged a delicious birthday present this week, it's a box of six beers representing a set of collaborations between brewers from New York and London. Looking forward to sampling these beauties, particularly the one from BBNo (Brew by Numbers) & Finback since Finback was my absolute favourite brewery of 2018, you'll have to wait until December to find out who won that accolade this year!

Friday Smirk II

Scientists warn that around a quarter of UK animal species face extinction, except of course snakes, tits, leeches and weasels, all of which thrive in Westminster..

Friday Smirk

This 2009 painting by Banksy showing MP's in Parliament as chimps sold for nearly £10 million pounds recently. With everything that's going on around Brexit at the moment I think it's a painting whose time has most definitely come, hilarious!

Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Trees & forests

J&M pointing out a few things on religious "offence-taking", it's one of those dilemmas like the tree falling in the forest when no one is around to hear it, type things. Some people just love to be offended, it's the only way they can participate in the public debate...