Friday, October 31, 2008

Faith schools, huh, what are they good for... absolutely nothing

It is common in Europe to look at America and Islamic countries and see them as two sides of the same fundamentalist coin. It is all too easy to laugh at the general ignorance regularly on display and the stupid things commonly said and done in the name of "faith" in these cultures.

For example

- The homosexual, drug taking, money obsessed preachers that seem to litter the mid-west
- The paedophile Catholic priests and the countless cover ups around them
- The stoning of rape victims in backward and primitive Islamic societies
- The life threatening misnaming of teddy bears
- Banning of books and WEB sites
- The denial of realities as shown by modern science
- The indoctrination and teaching of lies to children (see below)

However a recent story on the BBC reminded me rather sharply that the cancerous meme of "faith" is also well established and strong here in the UK, ever creeping outwards, promoting hate and trying to undo the enlightenment, dragging us back to the dark ages.

Take a look at this video; it really made me angry.

Thank goodness for Jeremy Paxman, people may feel uncomfortable with his forthright style but at least he stands up to racist morons like this. Most of all, shame, utter shame on our Government for the slimy, money grabbing double standards that allow obscenities like this school to exist.

Close the lot of them IMO, outlaw the indoctrination of children and consign this idiocy to where it belongs, in the past.

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