Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pope puts foot in mouth, again..

According to the Pope, homosexuality is as big a problem as global warming and should be given equal priority and resources, you can read the detail here; can you see the obvious the problem with this picture?

Let me try and couch it in terms that will be familiar to most Christians, i.e. Pascal's wager (ish), so lets look at the options, we could,

Do nothing about homosexuality but fix global warming and then everyone's children and grandchildren (of all sexual persuasions) survive and continue to thrive, in fact things pretty much continue as they do now.


Try to "Fix" homosexuality (gosh that's not been tried before) and reprioritise global warming lower down the list, then we're ALL under 20 feet of water, in the immortal words of Homer Simpson, "DOH!"

Does anyone need to think about our priorities regarding this choice too hard?

I'm pretty sure that we'll see a proper scientific biological and/or genetic explanation for sexual preference within the next few years, although some would say we already have enough evidence now. This Pope recently admitted that the whole Galileo thing was a bit of a cock-up and the earth does go around the sun after all, nice albeit 400 years too late, then there was the limbo thing, and let's not forget contraception and aids and so on.

Now call me picky but doesn't this old man get embarrassed about his treasured and privileged (infallible) seat continuing to be proved fallible, shouldn't someone have a quiet word?

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