Friday, January 16, 2009

Token outrage

In my view we should invent a word for it, just imagine the entry in the 2010 Oxford English dictionary, something like,

Plastifury the offence and outrage that religious people feel when confronted with something that they simply don't agree with.

Plastifury seems to be a special mental state, one that has no logic, something you can't argue with, in fact something that is so fragile in the mind of the sufferer that it is dangerous to even talk about it in anything but hushed, underhand tones for fear of a fully fledged attack.

For those readers still struggling to envisage something as stupefying as experiencing outrage whenever you see something you disagree with, and wondering how on earth someone with such an affliction could make it through an average day then I offer this example.

Exhibit A: Ron Heather (a Christian bus driver) is experiencing the full force of plastifury; Ron can't comprehend that there are millions of people in this country (UK) that actually disagree with his world-view, and are exercising their right to free-speech by paying for advertising space on buses to articulate their point of view. Poor chap, you'd think he would seek psychiatric help for this clearly crippling mental condition, lets hope that someone will take him in give him a nice strong cup of tea and introduce him to the twenty first century.

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