Friday, May 22, 2009

Catholic Atheist bashing (again)

What is it with Catholics, are they schooled in hypocrisy and irony?

Here is a story reported on same day as the Irish Times reported the systematic sexual, mental and physical abuse of 35,000 children in the care of the Catholic Church in Ireland over 35 years (just keep that little fact in the back of your mind as you read this)

The story refers to the speech by the new UK leader of this pack of hyenas in red velvet. Vincent Nichols who said "Faith is never a solitary activity nor can it be simply private", which is what all intelligent people will recognise as the precise reason why it can be a very dangerous thing; but even more insulting to our intelligence was the line “it took courage for Catholic church members who abused children to face up to their actions”, put a brave face on it hey Vinnie. This insult was piled on top of our injury by his brother in arms the ex grand wizard Murphy O'Connor who said that “a lack of faith is the greatest of evils.” He blamed atheism for war and destruction, and implied it was a greater evil even than sin itself.

Have you got that all you Atheists out there; not only are you not fully human but you are EVIL as well, in fact MORE EVIL than anything else, I realise that in polite society we aren’t supposed to raise our voices to “religion” (that would be disrespectful after all) but is this true even when they indoctrinate and rape children, get the Irish government to pay the compensation and then attack OUR morality in public for not believing what they believe.

Can these unelected old virgins really say what the heck they like about anyone and then hide behind the cloak of “religious respect”?


Elizabeth said...

I love this post! I hope you have a lot of readers as you certainly deserve them. At the very least, you need your own radio show.

Oranjepan said...

The paedophiles aren't virgins by definition, and it would be illuminating to have an accurate Kinsey-style survey into the sexual histories of those who take 'orders'... permanent abstention from sex is an unhealthy attitude if you ask me, so I think it is fair to ask questions about the psychological make-up of people who professionally prepared to make that kind of commitment.

Steve Borthwick said...

E, Thanks for your kind words; I certainly have a face made for radio ;-)

O, Hopefully the "leaders" I'm talking about here are virgins, or at least if they aren't then the sex they have had was legal and with consenting adults etc.

I did read that 800 clergy were involved in the Irish leg of this scandal, looking at the total number of clergy in Ireland and comparing the ratios with regular society there was clearly a disproportionate number of people doing bad stuff; that fact alone requires an explanation IMO.

Makes you wonder what other horrors are waiting around the corner in less developed parts of the world where this organisation is actively touting for business.

And religious people continue to question why atheists care about religion.