Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas day!

So here we are, Christmas day, the high point of our  calorie calendars. As I write this my sprouts and tatters are still digesting, my guests have just left and a pleasant quiet has descended over the house, ahhh...

Of course these days it's not just food and material things we should concern ourselves with, I read that the Archbishop of Canterbury reminded everyone (although I'm not sure who asked for his opinion?) that our society could be in trouble "bonds have been broken, trust abused and lost." ; what with rioters in the Summer and financial greed in the City we're probably all doomed, as we usually are unless we believe some Bronze age mythology or other. Of course a bit of social tribulation is always good for the Church, it means that clergy get to state the bleeding obvious and make it sound like wisdom, is his inference that he *should* be trusted?. Of course, the Catholic church has blown the "trust" scam, and bent politicians trump bent financiers any day of the week. Williams chose not to mention these two other groups who have abused trust and screwed people over in recent times, but then how can we trust Bishops not to have their own political agendas, scepticism sounds like a pretty sensible course to me.

Well, how was your Christmas day? I must say mine was quite hectic but everything worked out OK, the lunch wasn't burnt, the presents well received and everyone is still talking to each other, a success by any measure.


Archdruid Eileen said...

Given it was his Christmas sermon, daresay ++Rowan was asked his opinion by the Dean & Chapter or somesuch. I daresay those scamps in the Fourth Estate then inflicted it on you - unless Rowan came round your house?

Steve Borthwick said...

AE, unfortunately he didn't, although he would be most welcome to share our turkey sandwiches and trifle, we have enough left to fill a small church.

I always moan about being preached to, I moan about the Pope and the Queens' speech as well, it all sounds so disingenuous to me.