Monday, March 19, 2012

Secular views

Nice article in the Spectator today by Nick Cohen, related to the cartoon I posted the other day. Secularism and leading secular advocates are targeted by religious leaders and apologist politicians in the UK all the time as if they were militant and extreme, they're neither of course, as Cohen points out,

Secularists (just) want to separate church and state, as the not noticeably militant French and Americans do. We oppose the division of children on sectarian lines, which often mean racial lines as well. We despair of a supposedly PC liberal establishment that will ignore the subjugation of women, when subjugation is conducted in the name of a god or gods.

It's quite possible to find truly militant secularists in history and perhaps even today in places like China or North Korea but comparing secular supporters in the UK with such regimes is like comparing the Waffen-SS with the cub scout movement. (last time I checked there wasn't a genocide badge available at our local pack although the entry criteria for both organisations are strangely and similarly irrational and God fearing).

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