Thursday, July 25, 2013

Awkward Bible moments

Love this idea, create an "alternative" Children's Bible (or any holy scripture) as a counter to the religious indoctrination and blatant cherry picking that occurs in our junior schools up and down the county (even the secular ones!). No need to exaggerate or lie, there are plenty of contradictions, obscenities, absurdities and awkward moments in the real things to work with, it just needs someone to point them out. In my experience children are quite capable of using reason to see these stories for what they are (i.e. tools for indoctrination) when presented with _all_ the facts. Perhaps then the 40% or so of non-religious people in the country could also lobby the Government to insist that it is presented in R.E. classes just like the Christian (et al) alternatives are (for balance), seems fair to me.

Apparently the book will be hitting the shelves in time for Christmas, a worthy stocking filler if ever there was one, until then, here is another example (click the image to see a bigger copy),


Horus Gilgamesh said...

Hey - thanks for sharing this! We are so excited by all of the support out there for this pet project!

Steve Borthwick said...

Horus, looks like a fun project, best of luck with it!