Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Drink anyone?

January sales are here with a vengeance, the shear weight of SPAM in my inbox is simply amazing I reckon it's dropping in at a rate of around 3 messages per minute!

Most of the time I ruthlessly junk and shred (electronically) such messages simply from their subject lines however one did catch my eye today. It was from a wine merchant advertising their January sale, one of the wines on the list was reduced by a whopping £4,800 for a case of 12 bottles. Down from £96,000 to £91,200 what a bargain!

Admittedly this is a rather special wine, a rare Burgundy that has a very limited production which is normally snapped up by greedy bankers before anyone else can get a look in.

Can't help wondering what it tastes like though..

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