Sunday, February 02, 2014

Double speak

Two things struck me today, #1 it was the first day in ages that I actually wanted to go outside, blue sky and winter sun, lovely walk around Frensham pond, and #2 where the heck has January gone?

Time seems to pass faster than ever these days! Yesterday I had a visit to my front door by a Jehovah's Witness dropping off his little leaflet exclaiming "the truth!" and crammed with Bible verses thereby proving it was true. I did point out that being a bit of a traditionalist I felt using a book to prove the validity of that same book seemed a little circular to me but the young lad doing the "witnessing" (who looked about 12 years old) clearly hadn't yet grappled with the broad sweep of Human relationships, reproduction and personal hygiene let alone the finer points of logic and reason. The conversation and the leaflet put me in mind of the above cartoon, with faulty logic like this people can't fail to feel safe and self righteous (unfortunately, only in their heads), but then again on a day like today (no rain!) the only resistance I could muster was a smile and shrug. It's sad that there seem to be a lot of people for whom the realities of life on beautiful day in a beautiful place aren't enough.

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