Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I can't look at this picture of American Dentist Walter Palmer (above) without wondering about the mental state of such a person, there seems to be something suspiciously sexual about it, I wonder what the hell is he trying to compensate for?

Anyway, Palmer is plastered all over the news at the moment because he shot (with a cross-bow) a famous Zimbabwean lion which was coaxed out of a protected park by a team (to whom Palmer paid $55k) and killed. The lion was part of a scientific study and had a radio collar on which must have been known by the group of men that killed him. I won't use the term "hunter" here because in my mind this isn't hunting, this is killing for pleasure with no risk to the killer. True hunting is something entirely different, a noble and brave act performed out of necessity for resources; this pathetic egotistical charade is nothing like that.

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