Thursday, April 13, 2017

Death by indoctrination

More religious intolerance on display this time of an Islamic bent and as is typical, a whole lot more lethal than the Tesco "Good Friday ad" scuffle today. In Pakistan a student was lynched (and killed) by a his fellow students; he was accused of "blasphemy" (a victimless crime) In reality the hapless young man was simply killed by a mob of moronic thugs who are so insecure in their supposed allegiance to the "religion of peace" that they feel it necessary to beat those with different thoughts to their own to death. The irony that this took place at a supposed "University" (i.e. a place of learning and free-thought) is overwhelming. Yet another reason never to visit that country or prop it up it in any way until the Government there start to properly crack-down on this kind of barbarism. 

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