Monday, May 08, 2017

French Politics

I'm pleased that Macron won and won well; the political (and intellectual) contrast between France and England is now more stark than it's been for many years, I envy the clarity of choice they had and hope that their man is up to the task. We shouldn't forget though, that 33% of French votes were cast for a right wing candidate unimaginable only a few decades ago. 

We shouldn't point too many fingers though, we have our own right wing tendency in this country who appear to be in the ascendancy at the moment. Sometimes I wonder who is really pulling May's strings (BLUKIP anyone?) , I'm sure it's not a group of people I would freely vote for if the process were truly transparent. I saw a funny tweet this morning, a fictional message from 2002 asking what it's like in 2017; to which the reply was "30% of French people voted for a Nazi" followed chillingly by, "but that's the good bit".

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