Monday, July 10, 2017

Proudly secular

Many people get confused about what a properly "secular" state should look like (the UK is not one BTW) It's not about promoting or establishing the religion of the majority, it's about promoting (or persecuting) NONE by maintaining a separation of state machinery and religions (or lack of) so that theocracy or atheistic totalitarianism becomes impossible.


Archdruid Eileen said...

Good luck with where the science goes. You've more chance of religious people taking notice of it than politicians. Science is about establishing truth by examining hyptheses and changing your hypotheses if they are proven wrong. So any overlap with politics is going to be slim in the extreme.

Took a seminar the other week and there were five vicars on the front row. All maths, phyics, engineering grads. Not a politician among them.

Steve Borthwick said...

Possibly AE, but don't you think we'd all stand a better chance if political decisions were made on a rational basis rather than a sectarian or theological one, especially in the under-developed world? (I read the cartoon as articulating a desired position, not reality)

Sounds like an exceptional religious seminar to me (in the grander scheme of things) - I don't suppose you'd see that many other religions or places in the world?

Most vicars (or more accurately vicar's children) I've ever known have been exceptionally well educated (relatively), seems to be part of the fabric of that kind of upbringing, probably statistically unsurprising here in the UK? Always exceptions of course, but most images of vicars we see here in the UK are university educated and middle-class, Richard Coles types etc.