Friday, April 28, 2017

Bears in the woods (doing what bears do)

Lot's of stories in the press at the moment about Theresa May whining about the 27 EU countries "lining up to oppose Britain over Brexit". 

Why on earth would anyone think this is going to be any different from that? I can easily see things getting a lot worse from this point on; the EU clearly has all the cards both from a economic and moral standpoint. We're the ones abandoning ship and acting like spoiled children, demanding our cake and demanding that we eat it. All this political bravado when in reality everyone knows that these days we're not much more than an low-tax offshore banking zone for the money and resources that foreign organisations use to invest in developing their European markets. Just how many billionaire London property speculators do we think we need to prop up our entire economy, and for how much longer will UK based divisions of international companies feel it's worth maintaining a serious presence here

Good job we've got control of our destiny back now; now where did I put those documents about my Irish great-grandfather..

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