Thursday, October 19, 2006

Apple Pie

I can't help thinking that the latest spat over Apple iPod's being manufactured with (handy) onboard windows viruses is a great example of a "marketing" lead company not really "getting it".

The first reaction of this company on finding out that it was shipping viruses to it's customers... blame Microsoft; sterling effort Apple, IMO that's a bit like putting a blindfold on and driving into a brick wall, then blaming Ford because their car can't predict your stupidity.

I believe Apple's biggest headache is not viruses or their manufacturing processes but that their market is becoming too smart to believe this kind of intelligence insulting crap anymore as witnessed by the general outcry in the Blogosphere about this. Come on Apple, no one expects perfection (marketing <> realworld) so fess up, take the pie in the face, fix the problem and move on.

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