Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mass Observation

There is a campaign going on here at the moment to get people to contribute a "blog" entry to; the idea is that as many people as possible describe a "day in the life" for the 17th October and the individual entries will be saved for prosperity at the British Library archive for future generations to paw over. I'm not ashamed to admit I'm a sucker for these kinds of things, I find social history very interesting. In a case of history recording history making, here is my entry,

Went to the doctors today, had a bad back over the weekend and wanted to get some NSAID drugs for the pain. Drove to the surgery and waited for about 30 minutes for the doctor, there was an eastern European family waiting too, listening to them speaking in their native tongue (Polish I think?) made me think about history and change, here we all were sitting in a (real) Tudor house (oak beams etc.) in a small market town in Berkshire traffic thundering by, reading magazines on digital photography and country life while we waited, what would those ruffled Tudor ghosts think of it all. When I returned to my car I discovered I had a puncture (argh!), called the tyre repairers but will have to wait until tomorrow for them to get the right tyre; got home OK but I’m a bit stuck now, decided to work from home today thank goodness for broadband internet; my wife made a nice shepherd’s pie dinner for the kids and I; bed by 11pm.

I think the character limit is 4000 and you need to get your entry in by the end of the month.

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