Monday, April 02, 2012

Catholic morality and hypocrisy... again...

In a somewhat hilarious incident reminiscent of a stereotypical Monty Python sketch or a tardy April fools joke a Catholic Priest in Northern Ireland giving a presentation at a primary school accidentally projected gay pornography images to a room of parents and children. Father Martin McVeigh apparently bolted out of the room when the images of naked men suddenly appeared on the screen after he inserted a memory stick into a school computer. He returned 20 minutes later suggesting that the children donate money to his organisation (wow!) I can only conclude that the Church will be urgently instructing it's clergy on how to keep their porn from popping up unexpectedly, USB auto-run is a bitch.

Of course who's to know if this guy actually had porn images on his memory stick or is just completely inept at managing his computing affairs and has some kind of malicious virus; he is subsequently denying any knowledge of how the images got there but consider this, maybe if the Catholics stopped telling everyone else how to behave and what is moral and what isn't then people would cut them some slack and stop pointing out stories like this, which going by previous experience is unlikely to be any time soon.

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