Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jimmy dodgers

There's a lot of chat around at the moment about tax avoidance, particularly about the Prime Minister David Cameron's criticism of the comedian Jimmy Carr using some elaborate avoidance scheme based in Jersey. I must admit I'm somewhat perplexed at this seemingly "do bears s**t in the forest" kind of interview, it seems so arbitrary to me, why pick on Jimmy Carr? According to reports the deadpan comic shelters roughly £3 million pounds from UK tax using a process of paying salary to an offshore entity and then borrowing the money back from them. It all sounds rather suspect but in my view needs to be put into perspective alongside the billions of pounds wrangled from the tax man by corporations such as Amazon and the much larger amounts running to hundreds of millions said to be dodged by Conservative supporting billionaires like Philip Green.

It seems to me that politicians should probably focus on fixing bad laws and avoiding conversations about morality, it'll only end in tears.

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