Wednesday, August 14, 2013

23 varieties

I'm a big fan of wine particularly red wine, collecting and sampling (in moderation of course) is a major hobby of mine so I was pleased to notice this heart warming story about it this morning. Apparently red wine has even more complex compounds in it than previously thought and a recent investigation by scientists in Australia has uncovered 23 new ones previously undiscovered that may yield health benefits for all kinds of ageing related diseases. Everyone who's had an "ageing" week at work can fully understand the health benefits of a glass or two of red wine on a Friday night so I reckon that's case closed, we should all appreciate good wine more.

Coincidently my parents came over for Sunday lunch last weekend and I opened something nice to have with our roast lamb, the picture above is the wine we had (Sarget de Gruaud-Larose), it's from Bordeaux and my favourite district of Bordeaux which is called St. Julien. Normally you should leave good claret like this for at least 10 years before you drink it but in this case I took a chance and the bottle was from the 2005 vintage, a good year for Bordeaux. The wine had a good nose of cedar and red berries, plenty of soft fruit, full bodied but well balanced with a typical St. Julien finish, memorable. I'd say it was drinking well now but also that it has plenty of legs left in it, at least another 5 years in the dark wouldn't hurt.

Not a cheap wine (about £20) but think of the health benefits!

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