Tuesday, August 06, 2013


I saw this story today in the Independent it left me thinking what the hell is wrong with some people, especially some supposedly educated Americans in the Southern states?

The article is about the last abortion clinic in Mississippi an Alamo of rationality and humanity in Jackson where Women run a gauntlet of arrogant and aggressive morons shouting threats of hell fire and waving little black books who do everything they can to harass and abuse Women going about their lawful business. I guess if you feed people enough supernatural delusion with a side of political certainty from an early age you will eventually manufacture monstrous personalities like these; people who are bloated with entitlement and propped up by an illusion of absolute knowledge, such shameless and random inhumanity is incomprehensible to me.

We have isolated incidents of conflict on this subject the UK of course, sadly we still have some fundamentalist theocratic Christians here too but relative to Mississippi reproductive healthcare would appear freely available and a private matter between the doctor and her patient under the (secular) law of the land, the way it should be.

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