Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Can't help but be shocked by the recent shootings in California, not that mass shootings in the USA are particularly rare or this one any worse than any other but this time the media seem to be giving a lot of air time to one particular father of one of the victims who I feel will become somewhat of a media star over the coming weeks. Ricardo Martinez appears to be an articulate and educated man, he speaks with passion and intelligence and it's clear to see why the TV stations love him. What makes him unusual is that he isn't afraid to place the blame where he believes it needs to be placed, at the hands of the (craven) politicians and the NRA (National Rifle Association) and he's doing that with a lethal combination of emotional authority and clarity. I suspect many American liberals will feel energised by his grief, I certainly do and I'm not American nor do I have a vested interest in American gun control save a heart felt empathy with Mr Martinez as a father. Hopefully something positive will actually happen now but knowing how entrenched the political positions are over there around this topic I strongly suspect it may not.

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