Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Following the recent mass shooting in California I've been following the usual outpourings of political hand-wringing and intransigence from the pro-gun lobby in the US media. I heard some red-neck on the news yesterday claiming that gun control was pointless as there was nothing that could be done to prevent such massacres. This is coming from the only developed country in the world where these things regularly happen (roughly 2 every month for the last 5 years) I don't understand this, the last time innocent US citizens were attacked (2001) by irrational, arbitrary and deadly violence the Government rallied and sent the most powerful military force in the world into 2 foreign countries, utterly overwhelmed the incumbent regimes, spent a trillion dollars and (for better or worse) set those entire nations (millions of people) on a new political and cultural course. Yet, on the issue of gun massacres in their own country these same constituents are "helpless"?

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