Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Creationism, football and ancient willies

If you're upset about England being bundled out of the World Cup last week then don't despair, here's some good news. The Government "clarified" it's policy on teaching creationism recently by updating the current guideline to include all current free schools and academies, the official line is that creationism cannot be taught as science anywhere. This is a victory for secularists who have been campaigning for this for a while now. The Government claim that the move is merely a clarification but it seems clear to most campaigners that it's plugging a big loop-hole that is being cynically exploited in many religiously oriented academies up and down the country.

Belief in creationism is stupid, believing that the whole universe was created about 22,000 years after the Germans invented the first sex toy (see image below) is daft, but if consenting adults wish to believe such nonsense then (in a free society) they are perfectly at liberty to do so, however, people drilling such stupidity into children under the protective cover of "science" is an abuse, we have criteria by which we define what is and what isn't science, creationism is definitely not science.

For those interested in ancient sex toys then this 28,000 year old phallus was discovered at the Hohle Fels Cave near Ulm which is situated between the German cities of Stuttgart and Munich. It's purpose can only be speculated on but I reckon it's pretty certain that Louis Suarez is feeling just like one right about now.

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