Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Paradise is like faith schools, i.e. selective

For those affluent Westerners who refer to the Maldives "a paradise" (for obvious reasons) here's a story that might make you rethink your view. There seems to be a double standard operating in this tiny island state, on the one hand rich scantily clad tourists are welcomed with open arms to it's hotels, resorts and beaches to spend their money on leisure, alcohol and trinkets; on the other we have a brutal theocratic undercurrent of intimidation, discrimination and violent crime against minorities. At the root of all this is religion and Islam in particular (no shit Sherlock) and a Government that seems hell bent on denying that there's even a problem; it seems hard to see how there isn't trouble ahead for this country. On second thoughts though, maybe all the persecuted people could come to the UK where tolerance and diversity rules and get jobs as school teachers, oh, hold on a minute.

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