Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Chairman Bill's gun boat?

I saw this little story in a local rag today, it made me smile (in a very un-PC) kind of way. Apparently some mischievous boat owner moored up on the Thames at Caversham, Berkshire has fitted a guided missile to the top of his boat!

I know the rivalry between Caversham and Reading goes back a long way but isn't this taking it a bit far? Or maybe this is some kind of ISIS take-over bid; first they'll hit Waitrose with an Exocet and then it'll be the public decapitation of swans who refuse conversion to a duckish sect of Islam (even more quackery than usual). Then I saw this photo of a scary figure also on the boat, and instantly realised who the authorities must be dealing with.

Everything clicked into place, the "damp barge in the arse end of the Thames" and the sinister red eye.

It's Chairman Bill!

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