Tuesday, April 07, 2015


Well I suppose that's the Easter holiday over with; a beautiful Spring day and back to the office after a couple of days off. Didn't do much except yesterday when we all went on a day trip to Salisbury and had a good look around the magnificent Cathedral. Among other things we took in one of the oldest working clocks in Europe; the best remaining original copy of Magna Carta and various other historical, religious and artistic relics dating back some 800 years; all very interesting and not somewhere I'd visited for over 35 years! I used to go to school near there and remember vividly one summer day in 1977 a couple of mates and I bunked off on the train and spent the entire afternoon in a ramshackle (long since demolished) cinema watching Clint Eastwood movies, we thought we were so grown up.

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Chairman Bill said...

I keep thinking I'm grown up, but Hay soon disabuses me of the notion.