Monday, February 29, 2016

Human beings being human

Catholic priest Fr Stephen Crossan is pictured above snorting cocaine through a ten pound note in a room full of Nazi memorabilia and unfortunately for him these images are now plastered across the news media. Now, don't get me wrong, schadenfreude is tempting but all this really proves is that Stephen Crossan is just like the rest of us, a human being with impulsive, irrational and egotistical failings. For his sake, I hope that someone close takes him to one side and educates him about the dangers of class A drugs, after the local constabulary have had a word of course. The problem for Catholic priests is not that they have normal human failings but that their organisation spends most of it's energy trying to convince us that they are somehow special and that they have knowledge, insight and abilities that the rest of us (like Women for example) are unable to have. When we see this kind of thing going on it's so blatantly obvious this is not true that it's understandable people call them out on it.

I can't help feeling that there's some embattled PR person in Rome right now putting their coat on and muttering to themselves, "that's it, I'm done"...

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