Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Poisons everything

Ex world champion Boxer Manny Pacquiao is in trouble for making stupid remarks in public about gay people, calling them "worse than animals"; there's so much Christian poison wrapped up in that assertion it's what you might call a "bigotry dense" remark. First we have the idea that animals are somehow "lower" than humans when in truth we are all cousins, he should have more respect for his family. Second we have the notion that being gay is somehow disgusting, bad or immoral, again, not true, homosexuality is a natural phenomenon among most mammal species including us, and also including a significant number of Catholic priests who seem to be keen on buggering small children since their ridiculous dogmas and unnatural lifestyles  prevent them developing the normal social skills required to shag people of their own age. Then lastly we have the most ridiculous part of this whole sorry story. In order to justify his bigotry Pacquiao claims that he's "just telling the truth of what the Bible says", well that's just dandy; a Jewish book of myths being used by an Asian man whose ancestors were converted at the point of a sword to a religion introduced by Europeans less than a few hundred years ago into a civilisation that's been there at least 60,000 years - he should have more respect for his ancestors, who I expect, along with Nike, also think he's a twat.

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