Thursday, April 14, 2016

Lotta bottle..

Tried my hand at making some lager recently, my wife prefers it over the usual ales and IPA's that I like, and with Summer on its way it seemed like a good idea. Since I don't normally make that much beer of one type in any one batch (around 8 pints) I doubled everything up; I know I won't make this style again for a while. The bottling process was a little more taxing than normal, using smaller 330ml bottles (bit more girly than my usual 500ml ones) it seemed to be never ending. Anyway it's all done and will now spend around 6 weeks conditioning before it's ready to drink. I decided to go for a Mexican style lager with some added maize flakes and a nice Citra hop at the end of the boil to give it a bit of citrus flavour, let's hope it's OK or we've got a lot of duff beer to get through!


Chairman Bill said...

Do I detect the start of a microbrewery business?

Steve Borthwick said...

CB, now that would be fun..!