Friday, April 08, 2016

Friday brain farts

Strains on the NHS..

When bemoaning immigrants for putting an unnecessary strain on the national health service, make sure you're smoking a fag and downing a pint ..

Pope says..

"The family is the place where parents become their children’s first teachers in the faith."

Another word for this is "indoctrinate" and in extreme cases some might even say, child abuse.

Right to discriminate..

Mississippi Governor, Phil Bryant, this week made it legal in that state to discriminate against LGBT people under the guise of "religious freedom"

Hopefully the business and entertainment communities will now exit in droves as they threatened to do when Georgia wanted to pass a similar law (but backed down under pressure) - So, come on Delta, Disney, NFL, CNN, Salesforce, Time Warner etc. show that the South can be great again by helping to kick out Christian boneheads like Phil Bryant!

Shares or no shares?

David Cameron is in trouble this week over obscuring the fact that he did indeed benefit from shares in an offshore trust..

Now we hear that he mislead us in order to protect his father (seen above) who died a few years ago but did have dealings overseas; protect him from what.. he's dead? ... look over there, Corbyn isn't wearing a tie...

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