Friday, September 29, 2017


Here's an amusing list.

It's a sampling of names for different "supernatural" beings from around 1820. Amazing isn't it that at some point in the past (only 20 decades ago!) people felt sufficiently convinced of their existence to invent names for imaginary creatures like this.

Of course today, with the advent of recording devices like cameras and the thorough exploration and surveying of most of the surface of our planet, atmosphere, solar-system and oceans, all of these entities have been relegated to the realm of the mythical, except of course the last remaining and clearly more stubborn few that even today cling onto Earthly significance like a phantom limb.

Of course, I'm speaking here of "Gods, angels, spirits and demons", evidence for which is equally as strong as that for "clabbernappers", then again, am I just a bitter and twisted old militant a-clabbernappist? Probably.

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