Friday, September 14, 2018

Ursine fecal matter

Looks like the ABC Justin Welby has got himself into a bit of bother this week by criticizing companies like Amazon for not paying enough tax and the concept of zero hours contracts. I agree with him, both of these things are problems that our society needs to deal with, but, his problem is that his church lists Amazon as one of it's top 20 investments whilst paying hardly any tax itself, and, also advertises for zero hours contracts at least a couple of its cathedrals. People would be forgiven for calling him out as a bit of a hypocrite, which is what is happening.

Look, there are many obvious facts hiding in plain sight out there, we may debate and argue about the veracity of various aspects of them but in the end we all know that most human organisations aren't what they want people to actually think they are. For purposes of relieving you of doubt here's a few controversial points straightened out...

- The Pope is Catholic
- All religions are man-made
- Brexit will make most of us poorer, financially and culturally
- Ghosts, Goblins, Fairies and Gods don't exist
- No one knows what happens when we die, but we all will
- You will find ursine fecal matter in wooded areas..

Now can we all now just quit the virtue signalling, stop pretending to know stuff we can't possibly know and get on with our (real) lives here and now in this reality. Enjoy the weekend!

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