Thursday, June 01, 2017

The most dangerous people in the world

If you asked this question to most people I'm sure you'd get one of two likely answers, they'd either say ISIS/Islamists or Putin/Russia. Perhaps these would be the most obvious choices from the point of view of publicity and media "noise" but according to many academics, the real danger to the largest number of people on this planet exists in what's going on right now with Trump and his ignorant cronies around their approach to their denial of the scientific evidence (and experiential evidence) of climate change. By pulling out of the Paris accord the USA, the second highest emitter of carbon dioxide in the world, will at a stroke effectively kill any possibility of any serious progress in reducing emissions (so as to make a difference) for at least the duration of this idiotic presidency and possibly longer, another 4 years of pollution and environmental destruction at "full-steam".

Our grand-children will look back at these fat, greedy morons and wonder what the hell we were all thinking.

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