Thursday, February 15, 2018

Conversion therapy

One of the country’s leading gay activists has called for an increase in the use of a controversial conversion therapy to try and ‘cure’ Christians of their gay obsessions.

“Christianity is a fundamental danger to the well-being of society,” said Simon Williams, a gay anti-Christian campaigner.

“To have a group of people so obsessed with what other people do with their genitals is, frankly, scary and just plain weird.

“Now, yes, I accept that their Bible actually has very little to say about sexual behaviour, but Christianity seems to have moved so far away from those teachings that now it’s primary reason to exist is to be angry about what other people do with their genitals.

“Can you imagine bringing up children in that sort of environment? It simply can’t be healthy.”

Mr Williams went on to describe the nature of the conversion therapy.

“Well, we start gently with just showing the Christian videos of people happily chatting normally and not being angry about the sex that other people are having. Then we say words like ‘homosexual,’ ‘oral,’ and ‘girl on girl cosplay,’ and the subject is taught ways to not spend the rest of the day unhealthily fixating on the topic."

“Finally, the subject goes out for a drink with a homosexual and if they make it through the evening without once thinking about that person engaging in acts with another gay person, then they’re cured.”

Although the majority of the population are skeptical about the morality of so-called conversion therapy, if it’ll stop Christians endlessly banging on about homosexuals, people seem perfectly happy for it to be used.

*Idea stolen from the wonderful "News Thump"..

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