Monday, February 26, 2018

Follow the bear

Some companies are agile, others less so. My local craft beer brewery "Siren" is one of the agile ones. They're very good at leveraging social media and reading the zeitgeist when it comes to naming their products and promoting them to a customer base that could probably be labelled "East-London Hipster" and therefore by definition, around 26-35 and highly social-media savvy. The image above shows their latest beer. As you can see it's a pretty topical name. 

If you'd said, even as recently as 10 years ago, that any brewery could have created a brand new beer and the marketing materials to go with it, having named it after a Winter storm that hadn't even arrived yet, I think people would have said that's too difficult and highly-unlikely. When I think back to the time when big brewery firms like Green King, Fullers and Courage (et al) ruled the roost and we inhabited a world where drinks brands and products didn't change at all from one decade to the next this kind of thing feels really refreshing (in more ways than one!). The advances required to make that possible in terms of marketing, production and supply-chain not to mention meteorology in the last few years have (surprisingly) made the world of beer production quite an agile kind of place to be.

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