Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Disingenuous R’US

Just one more bit of Catholic bashing before I get back to the much more enlightening and honest subject of evolution, I couldn't help see this snippet from a recent edition BBC1's The Big Questions during which Father John Owen made the following statement (please note that this person is actually communications officer for the archdiocese of Cardiff) with reference to the recent report on systemic child abuse by Catholics in Ireland and the Ryan Report.

These matters are so ghastly that people don't want to look at them; they can't believe these things are taking place within the orbit of a Christian church, perversion of Christianity.

So far so good you would think, but then he cannot resist, decades of indoctrination and apologetics have corrupted his mind, eliminating his rational faculties and reducing him to a mindless robot, he added,

Let me tell you of course before you go too far, most of the offences are being committed by homosexuals.

Just let that one sink in for a while, and then also think about the £30,000 pounds of OUR licence payer's money that the BBC is paying out to the Muslim council of Britain because former Daily Telegraph editor Charles Moore made a comment about the MCB not being willing to condemn the killing and kidnapping of British soldiers overseas (which they don't!). As my old English literature teacher used to say, "Compare and contrast".

How is it that the Catholics seem to be able to spot a correlation between homosexuality and child abuse but not Catholicism and child abuse when statistically the latter is much more relevant?


Lisa said...

Soon the congregations (and various dim blog commenters) will be spouting this nonsense when asked about priests molesting children. Sigh.

Steve Borthwick said...

Lisa, I share your dismay; I guess it's up to the moral, rational people to keep the pressure up; drive them back into the sea (metaphorically of course)