Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Just a quick post, here is a round up of some dumb things done because of religion that I've come across lately.

First up we have the couple in Dorset who cannot leave their Bournemouth flat because the automatic motion sensors turn the lights on, they are Jewish you see and apparently the creator of the universe, aka. Yahweh gets real picky about these things; "let there be no light" on the Sabbath he says. I pity the poor residents who now have an unwanted legal bill to sort this BS out.

Some more people who think its better to treat sick children with prayer or quackery instead of proper medicine; yep you guessed it, all the kids died.

Then we have the Christian fundamentalist couple in Singapore who got 8 weeks in jail for distributing a totally wacko cartoon strip featuring Muslims claiming to be plotting to put a "Muslim flag" over the white-house and an Islamic revolution that is (apparently) bringing England to her knees. Looking at the cartoon I reckon it should have been 8 weeks psychiatric treatment.

And we have the irate Muslim parents of children at a Blackburn school who hounded one of the teachers so much that she was forced to quit, the reason for this behaviour?, because she "looked like a man". Apparently the poor woman had short hair and had posted some photographs of herself on FaceBook wearing trousers. The school in question is private and has a majority of female pupils, apparently music is viewed as un-Islamic and students are taught Islamic studies instead of RE, Arabic and Urdu are also taught instead of modern European languages. Sounds like a swell place to get a balanced education.

Finally we have the Catholic priest who having been caught for the fifth time sexually abusing children refused to apologise for an assault that happened in 1968 because he claimed he was giving the 11 year old boy "anatomy lessons". With any luck in his prison cell after lights out some very large and very sexually frustrated inmates will give Father Gannon an anatomy lesson of his own.

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