Monday, July 06, 2009

And Dumbledore is gay too!

Harry potter fans learned today that Daniel Radcliffe the actor who plays him is an atheist; in a recent Esquire interview he "came out" and declared himself to "not believe in God", he also expressed admiration for the work that Richard Dawkins does. To most rational people (particularly in Europe) this is an utter non-story and quite rightly so, in some parts of the USA however I suspect this will add more fuel to the evangelical fire against Harry Potter. First there were accusations of childhood indoctrination into devil worship and witchcraft, then we had the depiction of homosexuals and now the lead actor turns out to be a godless heathen. I can just see the placards outside the cinemas now; its a shame that Harry Potter isn't actually true or we atheists could conjure up a quick "Riddikulus" spell and make the whole religious backlash thing a subject of ridicule… hold on..

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