Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Dem bones, dem bones..

Whilst we're on the subject of creationism and evolution etc. anyone interested in the subject should take a look at a couple of recent Channel 4 programs to do with dissecting large animals. The series is called "inside natures giants" and is a four part program, so far there have been two episodes one on whales and another on elephants.

Now I know a program on cutting dead animals up sounds like a really bizarre thing to want to watch on TV, and perhaps it is, but boy can we learn a lot from looking at what we find inside natures giants. If you don't believe me read what Charlie Booker has to say about it (now he is a chap that isn't afraid to call it how he sees it, an ultra-sceptic you could say, and it receives the thumbs up!)

The whale program for example shows the gradual dissection of a fin whale that washed up and died in a bay in Ireland, utterly fascinating and spectacular; to see internal organs on such a scale was rather like looking at an exaggerated childish view of anatomy where everything had been made ridiculously large to aid observation.

The overwhelming evidence that hits you when one of these animals is dissected is how similar they are to us, in the case of the whale we can even see vestigial limbs, yes LEGS!, inside the whale showing a clear lineage back to land based mammals.

Any sincere creationists have to honestly ask themselves, why would God give whales legs?


Elizabeth said...

Who are you to question why God would give whales legs? I'm sure he had a good reason that is completely beyond the comprehension of man.

(are you in Florida yet? have a great time with my people.)

Steve Borthwick said...

Hi E, of course, where else would we get fish fingers from???

re. Florida - yes or should I say phewee hot! I have my all park pass to Jesus World and I'm ready for my loaves and fishes with a side of fries... ;-)

Lisa said...

please post pictures from jesus world, will ya? Maybe a nice close-up of you next to jesus on the cross.

Steve Borthwick said...

Lisa, he's nailed up twice a day so I just need to make sure to join the line at the right time (for an extra 10 bucks there is a fast-track photo option though)..

You have to laugh..