Monday, May 17, 2010

Heads we win, tales you lose...

There seems to be a plethora of Religious lunacy stories around at the moment (even more than normal) - this sorry tale of a Catholic Nun participating in an abortion operation in a hospital in Phoenix (she was an administrator) has been kicked out of her church for her troubles. The sorry part is that the operation was performed in order to save the life of the mother who had acute pulmonary hypertension, it seems that in this situation the Catholic Church would rather both die than the mother be saved. My preference would be that religion be removed from all public service decisions and situations, in these scenarios Catholic dogma is clearly a threat to the health of innocent patients; allowing for the possibility that a witch-doctor can spring up at any moment and sprinkle you with magic fairy water whilst declaring that God does not approve of the treatment that will save your life is first order lunacy if ever I heard it.

I am reminded of the way in which religious dogma of all flavours and hues is always left behind by the inevitable  march of Human solidarity, technical advances and the rational determination of ethics.

This tee shirt sums it up nicely for me (thanks to my mate Elizabeth for finding that one!)

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