Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How to draw attention..

I loved this Facebook campaign, started as a reaction to the response from Islamic fundamentalists to cartoonist Molly Norris when she responded to the ludicrous banning of an episode of Southpark for featuring a cartoon of Mohammed as well as the various threats against free speech by various anti-secular religious zealots against similarly motivated cartoonists in Denmark and elsewhere. The idea was that thousands of people should draw cartoons of the prophet Mohammed and publish them on Facebook; a show of human solidarity against threats of violence and intimidation from these super-naturalist bully boys; it seems to have been widely supported.

The campaign prompted the Pakistani government to ban Facebook and Youtube for a while, which I suppose means that it successfully achieved one of it's goals by raising the profile of state funded theocratic stupidity, i.e. states that believe banning things is the way to get respect.

I did have to chuckle to myself about some of the Islamic responses to this, predictably there are other Facebook campaigns, one in particular stimulated my funny bone, its called "Everybody draw holocaust day" - it monumentally fails to grasp the point of the whole exercise. By denying actual history and selectively censoring it, these dolts are simply giving the (Western) secularists yet another thing to laugh at them for and when you have free speech this is a critical channel that we have for highlighting stupidity and evil that they do not seem to understand.

Being a big science fan I was keen to link the two things, I saw this image on B3ta and thought it a perfect solution...

Maybe the Christians should get themselves one of these boxes... they could put gay people in it?

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