Monday, May 24, 2010

MMR "Doctor death" struck off

Andrew Wakefield the doctor at the centre of the fraudulent MMR/Autism conspiracy has finally been struck-off, unfortunately for the children who have since died from diseases that would have been prevented had it not been for the low hanging fruit of anti-science, the possibility of redemption will be harder to come by.

It's surprising that the GMC has taken so long to deliver this ruling; the fraudulent studies (if you can call them "studies") took place back in 1998 and as concluded in the GMC report, Mr Wakefield, apparently driven by pure financial self-interest acted "dishonestly and irresponsibly". The now discredited doctor Wakefield is certainly a central figure in this tale, however, the river of exploitation may run a lot deeper than just Dr Wakefield. Common sense should tell us that it's unrealistic to believe that one single man can be responsible for a global medical scare story that has run for over 10 years and seems to retain it's potency to this day, so I wonder when the other main players in this story will step up to the plate and take a good hard look at their record? The fleet street editors for example who profited from the acres of baseless drivel printed on this subject, the amateurs who wrote it or perhaps even the Government of the time (remember the Blairs refusing to say if their son Leo had been vaccinated, only to have Cherie spill the "new-age" beans in her autobiography)

The more you read on this  the more there seems to be lot of culpability to go around, as always, the children at the sharp end of it seem to have the quietest voice as the parasitic hordes count their pieces of silver and move on to the next band-wagon.


Elizabeth said...

People still think he's right. One of my neighbors was going to picket the GMC hearing because she's convinced the vaccination made her son autistic.

Steve Borthwick said...

E, no way!!

I feel sorry and angry at these people in equal measure a truly no-win situation.