Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Religion... still harmless?

Not if you're an Eastern European baby!

Here is an alarming story of incompetence at the hands of the local Christian shaman. Apparently he dunked a young baby three times into water in order to baptise it and forgot to cover the babies mouth. The six week old inhaled water and although clearly in distress the priest thought it more important to continue with the ceremony. The baby later died and the autopsy revealed that it had drowned.

What had this baby done to deserve death, where was the supposed all knowing and all loving God that Christians bang on about, was he out to lunch when this happened? All the corrupt, evil and self-serving institutions of religions and all their pathetic and pointless rituals (no matter how well meaning) are not worth the life of a single human baby, but obviously that's just my lack of a moral compass speaking..


Lisa said...

That looks like an eastern orthodox church - which is my father's religion, and the church I grew up in.

Steve Borthwick said...

Lisa, I think you're right; I wonder if those parents think their religion is so valuable now.