Wednesday, July 14, 2010

World champions.

It's official our cyber-overlords at Google have proclaimed Pakistan world leader in pornographic searches; that is most searches using pornographic terms per person in the world.

In fact the analysis runs deeper than this, you can actually query the specific terms used and the rankings by country and as is clear from the numbers Pakistanis aren't looking for tips on how to pleasure their wives or husbands better. Interestingly, the top country for "clitoral stimulation" was South Africa and "fellatio" Italy (obvious??) It would appear that the kinds of topics that most interested our Muslim brothers and sisters were things like "donkey sex" and "rape video", not the kinds of things that we are constantly told (by them) that good moral Muslims *should* be interested in. I guess we shouldn't be too surprised, if you suppress natural human behaviour as much as Islam attempts to do then when something like the internet comes along and provides an outlet for over-active imaginations then this is bound to happen; either that or there is something about theocracy that causes a higher instance of sexual deviancy, perhaps the Catholics could provide some additional insight on that.

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