Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dunce gets elected..

Republican Senate nominee for Delaware, Christine O'Donnell, recently showed how ignorance is not an impediment to achieving political success in America and as usual religion and superstition is at the heart of it. Ms O'Donnell outlined her feelings on evolution in a recent article, and that's exactly what they are, i.e. "feelings" and most certainly not knowledge or even informed opinion. All the usual, long ago demolished, canards are here, "evolution is only a theory", "carbon dating is inaccurate", "the Earth is only a few thousand years old", oh my, I wonder what her insightful feelings on masturbation, gays and witchcraft might be?

I can't prove this as a fact of course but I do have a theory, Ms O'Donnell is a few cherries short of a credulous fruitcake.


Elizabeth said...

I know, Steve. You'll never be able to visit America again after she makes that thing you were talking about in your post illegal!! (ha ha)

Steve Borthwick said...

E, what! no more Bishop bashing... boo hoo!