Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dying for dirt

I don't often have cause to point out Hindu inspired stupidity on this blog, this doesn't mean there isn't any of course it's probably more to do with the fact that there is so much Christian, Muslim and Jewish stupidity to keep me busy. Anyway, I came across this story today, it's about a long standing dispute between Muslims and Hindus regarding a small piece of dirt about 130ft by 90ft square in the city of Ayodhya which is in Northern India. Now when I say "long standing" I mean that one of the key points of contention is whether a temple was demolished on the orders of Mughal emperor Babar in 1528. Since then and in modern times more than 2000 people have died because, put simply, both sides of the dispute claim that this particular patch of turf is "magic". In the most recent round of violence Hindus tore down a mosque in 1992 (leading to much bloodshed) claiming that one of their deities, called "Rama" was born on the spot, ironically Rama is revered for his unending compassion. Adopting their usual "flexible" stance (not!) the Muslims seem unwilling to move their mosque, do I detect a trend emerging here?. In case you are wondering who Rama is, here's a picture of him (obviously I'm not allowed to show a picture of Mohammed or I'll get my throat cut by the followers of the "religion of peace").. a colourful character I'm sure you'll agree although if you ask me he looks like he could do with a session in a hyperbaric chamber..

Today, an Indian court has ruled that the site must be shared (because sharing religious shrines has a good track record of success...) one set of magic will be in force from Monday to Wednesday lunchtime and then will switch over to the other set of woo-woo over the weekend (or something...) trouble seems to be brewing as troops move into the area.

My solution would be to save a few lives by levelling all religious buildings on the site and then building a school, or maybe a hospital for everyone regardless of what myths they were indoctrinated with as children; I'm sure the Gods would approve.

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