Monday, October 04, 2010

Perfect hijab job

I think I've inadvertently stumbled on the perfect job for Women who insist on covering themselves from head to toe in drab cloth in order to preserve their modesty (or buckle to misogynistic threats, depending on your point of view).

A few weeks ago I took my kids to Slimbridge wildfowl & wetlands trust for a nice day out, we had great fun feeding the birds and and one of the things we did was to listen to a lecture by a member of the staff there, she was talking about their on-going programme to re-introduce cranes to the UK. I didn't realise this but Cranes used to be a native UK species, sadly they were hunted to extinction back in the middle ages (for food!) However they remained fairly common on the European continent and the WWT are running a breeding program to reintroduce them here. My kids loved it especially the part where the people looking after the baby cranes have to dress up like a "mummy" crane so that the chicks don't become tame, retaining a fear of humans (for obvious reasons!)

When I received their newsletter recently and looked at the picture this thought suddenly struck me, a non-controversial role for traditional Islamic female attire, a job where there would actually be a reality based point to wearing an outfit like this, sounds ideal :)

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